Web Apps for Waste Reduction

Why buy new when you can reuse?

ReCap is an online platform that allows businesses and organizations to recapture the value in their resources through reuse. 


ReCap lets you build an online inventory of unwanted or unused items for recirculation within your organization. Staff can post materials and equipment that they’re trying to dispose of and request items that they need. No storage warehouse is required – items are transferred directly between staff or departments.

How it works
How it works

Be a sustainability hero!

We all know sustainability is key to our future. ReCap can be instrumental in achieving your organization’s sustainability goals by reducing GHG emissions created from waste sent to landfill and upstream waste generated during the production of new materials.


By increasing awareness and opportunities for recovery, ReCap maximizes the life cycle of items that would otherwise be disposed of, fortifying your sustainability plan and keeping valuable resources out of landfill.

The future of asset management

A ReCap exchange takes just minutes a day to administer.


ReCap’s highly automated system means less work for you. Our powerful and user friendly platform lets you onboard staff quickly and easily. We take care of all the technical details and are renowned for our world-class support! 

Track and report your success

ReCap includes a comprehensive reporting system that tracks:


• Type of item/material recaptured

• Weight of items (converts to GHG equivalents)

• Avoided disposal costs

• Avoided purchasing and procurement costs

Make it your own

Your ReCap is private to your organization and can be easily integrated into your 

website intranet or other digital infrastucture. 


We can customize the look and feel to reflect your brand and web standards.

 ReCap seamlessly integrates with most single sign-on systems so there’s no need to create new accounts.


ReCap is configurable so you choose more than just colours and logos. You control:

ReCap includes:

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