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Student Reuse Portal

Your Campus Community Connection Hub!

The Student Reuse Portal is an online classified ad platform designed to empower students to embrace a culture of reuse, sharing, and donation within your campus community.


It provides a convenient and safe space where students can seamlessly give or ask for items right on campus, fostering a sustainable lifestyle – and reducing waste. From textbooks and furniture to electronics and clothing, the Student Reuse Portal encourages students to extend the life cycle of resources, contributing to a greener and more environmentally-conscious campus.

How it works
How it works

Sign Up

Students can easily register using their campus email address (Single Sign-On).

Browse & Post

Explore listings of items, events, rideshares, and services, or create your own post.

Connect & Exchange

Arrange meet ups and exchange messages directly within the platform.

Why a Student Reuse Portal?

Promotes Sustainability

By facilitating the reuse of items and sharing resources, you’re contributing to a greener, more eco-conscious campus environment.

Students Helping Students

A Student Reuse Portal provides free or low-cost items, helping to alleviate financial burdens for students living on a tight budget.

Seamless Integration = Added Value

Branded to your school and integrated with your website and common login system, a Student Reuse Portal is popular among students, enhancing their campus experience.

Safety First

Safety First

Users are encouraged to meet at secure on-campus locations for item exchanges. Only members of the campus community can participate using verified identities.

Reduce Waste

Encourage responsible waste management by providing convenient reuse options throughout the academic year, minimizing the need for last-minute mass disposal on move-out day.

Tracking and Reporting

Student Reuse Portals include a comprehensive reporting system, so you’re not just making a difference – you’re quantifying it. 


Reports are available for download, which contain statistics like:

Donation and/or Priced

You might be surprised at how successful a donation only Student Reuse Portal has been at other schools. However, if you want to allow pricing on listings we can do that too.

Student Reuse Portals include:

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