Web Apps for Waste Reduction

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A matchmaking service for "waste"

Surplus Marketplace is an online platform that connects businesses, institutions, organizations, government and nonprofits to buy, sell or donate surplus items/materials, waste or by-products. 


Participating organizations save on disposal and purchase costs, conserve on energy and resources, and divert waste from the landfill.


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How it works

Help transform waste into wealth

A recent shift towards sustainability in business means companies are starting to be held accountable for sustainability initiatives, not only through legislation and mandates, but also by their consumers. Many leading businesses have publicly committed to waste reduction.


Surplus Marketplace is a prime example of how companies can develop and utilize technology and partnerships to meet their sustainability goals.


What may be waste for one organization, could be an important resource to another – when the right connection can be made.

Why Surplus Marketplace?

Just minutes a day to manage

Our user-friendly, automated system allows organizations to create and maintain their own profiles and listings – with administrator approval.

Built in tracking and reporting

Surplus Marketplace includes a comprehensive reporting system that tracks:

Surplus Marketplace includes:

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