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What we do

We make and host Material Exchanges, Inventory Systems, Guides and Directories, and other online tools to help people and organizations reduce waste, and save money.

We help organizations and communities reduce purchasing costs, save money on waste management and become more efficient and sustainable.

We help you reduce energy costs inherent in making and transporting products, and reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions in the process.


Reuse Marketplace

For business, higher education, schools, and groups, the Reuse Marketplace helps businesses, higher education, schools, associations and others reuse stuff instead of wasting it. We are growing the Reuse Marketplace by offering every State and Province their own free material exchange on the Reuse Marketplace.

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Private Exchange Service

If your group needs to reuse stuff internally, we can configure private space for you to trade internally on Reuse Marketplace.


Private Exchange Networks

Within the Reuse Marketplace service, we connect schools, associations, or companies to trade with each other. So you can trade with others like you.

Smartphone Inventory Service (Design Phase-scheduled for release in 2015)

Take control of your store room, warehouse, or reuse store. Save time and money by better managing your resources. Easily list items on the Reuse Marketplace or other online services.


2Good 2Toss

Reuse and Recycling websites for municipalities. Combines half a dozen tools to help your citizens find out how to reuse and recycle, when it’s time for recycling pickup, with an exchange to trade good used things with each other. Get your community on the 2Good2Toss Network today.

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Check out the Products and Services Section for more information on how we might be able to help you. Get in touch to discuss your needs, and to see if we can help you solve your waste and surplus management problems, and reduce your acquisition costs.